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QT Square Kufic

By Qtypography

Qasim Haider

Square Kufic is one of the oldest calligraphy style in the arabic heritage. It appears from the thirteenth century on coins, tile work and elsewhere in Iraq, Turkey & Iran. In today’s world, it is used for logotypes by some designers and typographers of both, the Arab world as well as globally.

Since 2006 until the beginning of 2015, Qassim Haider studied this kind of calligraphy/typography and developed a wide variety of logotypes and art design. He even developed a unique web application called “TypoGrid” to create this kind of typography. Qassim has designed and developed this style as font family with 8 different thickness styles in a very detailed and elaborate experience. Designed to support Arabic, Urdu & Persian, and the .OTF font files are the original format, and the .TTF are converted from the .OTF.

Square Sans
Sans Serif