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Galano Classic

By Rene Bieder

René Bieder
Rene Bieder
Galano Classic is the display companion of the Galano Grotesque family. Like the Grotesque family, it also pays tribute to the geometric shapes of Futura, Avant Garde, Avenir and the like. However, instead of that family’s modern interpretation of the geometric genre, Galano Classic prefers to stay in the past, a tendency characterized by a moderate x-height and details like the long stretched leg of uppercase “R”, as well as the traditional shaped lowercase “g”, to mention only a few details. Galano Classic, compared to Galano Grotesque, includes lots of redesigned glyphs and consequently adjusted kerning pairs, an extended number of alternative characters, ligatures and opentype features to match a great many design applications. It comes in 10 different weights with matching italics containing 555 glpyhs per font. Although Galano Classic was planned to be the display version of Galano Grotesque, it feels great in small sizes and long text passages, too.