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By Rene Bieder

René Bieder
Rene Bieder

Rational is a contemporary representative of the Grotesk genre inspired by drawings dating back to the early 20th century. It is a highly utilitarian family focusing on clarity and simplicity by approaching the design with a strong modernist fused attitude. Rooted in Swiss traditional and pragmatic design, Rational contains ingredients like horizontal terminals and uniform widths which result in a highly functional and flexible font. This is juxtaposed with circular and subtle calligraphic elements creating a warm and approachable layer within an objective surrounding. With more than 800 glyphs per font, the family is optimized for numerous scenarios. It comes in 10 weights with matching italics containing opentype features like small caps, stylistic sets, case sensitive shapes, tabular figures and many more, making Rational the perfect choice for modern, contemporary and professional typography.