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Roy Cole Typography

Roy Cole typography was formed in 2003 by the British typographer Roy Cole (1932–2012). Roy was the only British compositor to study at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule in Basle, Switzerland, under the tutelage of Emil Ruder, the master of modern typography. At this time, in the 1950s–1960s, the Gewerbeschule was host to a particularly formidable team of tutors – Robert Büchler, Kurt Hauert, Armin Hofmann, and Ruder himself – and created a typographic style that attained world recognition.

Roy pursued his practise in Switzerland and the UK working, in the main, for a range of prestigious publishers, museums, and public libraries. The objective of Roy Cole typography in 2003 was to further develop the san serif style of typefaces and Roy designed Lina (2003), Zeta (2006), Colophon (2009), and Coleface (2012).

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