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SK Seren

By Salih Kizilkaya

Salih Kizilkaya
Salih Kizilkaya

SK Seren is a clean, double weight and semi-serif font family. This font family, which you can use in long texts or headlines, logos and posters you will design without hesitation, manages to stand out even in the most crowded environments.

As you can easily use in print and web design, this is the only font you need in every medium. This family consists of 10 different fonts and 5890 glyphs. In this way, it contains all the typographic materials you will need in your design and offers full support to the Latin alphabet.

This font family is a new version of the first font I designed while studying college in 2018. This version includes many new glyphs that were not available in the first version, and all bugs found in the first version were fixed and kerning settings were reconfigured.

Sans Serif