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Noobia is a casual, energetic handwritten font, with plenty of movement. Its moving baseline creates a funky, busy, dramatic impression. With its informal, immediate style, Noobia is like a swift swash of text handwritten with a slightly overfilled ink pen. This impression is exaggerated by blobs at the beginning and end of pen strokes. Noobia makes a simple, direct statement, bypassing complexity and superficiality. It's just an in-your-face, immediate font. It 's the font you'd use for a quick, hand drawn note or notice. Noobia comes in three great styles: Noobia Smooth - use it for ad media for anything from sports equipment to slinky lingerie, wine labels to washing powder packaging. Noobia Black - use it anywhere to emphasise Noobia Smooth, and on posters and children's book covers. Noobia Rough - use it for graffiti, music videos, funky clothing hang tags and event posters. Noobia has all the features usually included in a fully professional font. Language support includes all European character sets.

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