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By Scholtz Fonts

Anton Scholtz
Scholtz Fonts

Proper was based on handwritten characters (of my own) that I scanned and then digitally touched up. I kept the digital editing to a minimum so as to preserve the freshness of the original. I did, however, want to convey a sense of propriety and regularity and so my original handwriting was done with quite a lot of control. I kept the size of the lower case characters quite large and this makes the font very readable, even at quite small point sizes. Proper may be used when you need clean, legible text, with a natural look, e.g.: -- magazines aimed at the natural health market -- “natural look” fashion pages -- “natural look” decor pages -- natural food products -- natural beauty products -- children’s books -- packaging for children’s toys, games etc. -- educational material -- comics Proper contains a full character set with all upper and lower case characters, numerals, symbols, accented characters and it has been carefully spaced and kerned.