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By Scriptorium


Hiragino Sans Rounded (Maru Gothic) is derived from the basic design of the Hiragino Sans (Kaku Gothic) with its wide counters and comfortable appearance. It features gentle typeface that provides graceful roundedness to the tips of all the strokes of a character. On the flip side of this gentle impression is the fact that every single element in the Hiragino Sans upon which this typeface is based has been carefully polished down in every respect in pursuit of an elegant roundness that makes it possible to handle carefully executed typesetting. That approach is clearly different from the general rounded typeface that makes full use of the body, and makes it possible to respond the requirement of professional typesetting. It is never-uninteresting design whose letterform is rooted in the traditions of traditional printing type. It is a font that of course can be used on its own and easily formatted just like Hiragino Sans while adding splendid coloring to the page.

Furthermore, when used with other Hiragino fonts such as Hiragino Sans or Hiragino Serif (Mincho), the fact that all their designs are oriented on the same vector creates a multiplier effect. The user may be surprised at the sense of unity that cannot be experienced when combining it with other typefaces.