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By Sudtipos

Alejandro Paul

Fixture is our massive 72-font take on plentiful offerings of the late 19th century’s typefaces, posters and wood letterpress sundry done in the Grotesk genre. Four widths ranging from Ultra Compressed to Expanded each come in nine weights and accompanying italics. Some common sans-serif alternates, such as the a and g, are included in all the fonts. The idea with this design was to put together a workhorse font family with enough functional flexibility to work in multiple environments, from the subtlety of magazine layout or film credits to the visual drama of billboards or packaging. Aesthetically speaking, it is quite interesting — though in retrospect quite unintentional — that each different width and/or weight of this face ended up pulling a different dominant trait from the melting-pot origins of the entire family. It’s almost like a tribute album to some famous band’s covers of older songs. It may also be a good conversation piece on our tools shaping the very things for which they’re used. Can’t really get any more post-Grotesk than this. In the 21st century, this is the one genre to rule them all.