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By Sudtipos

"Quotes" is the second typeface calligraphed by Yani Arabena, designed along with Guille Vizzari and Ale Paul, for Sudtipos.

Being thrilled by the use of the pointed brush, spontaneous messages, gesture and freshness to represent inspirational phrases and quotes written by hand, "Quotes" comes in two handwriting styles: Script and Caps.

"Quotes Script" and "Quotes Caps" are thought together and complement each other filling with rhythm and infinite sensations to the spoken words. A more free and spontaneous version -Script-, joined by an uppercase system -Caps-, that offers a huge amount of alternate glyphs, ligatures and connectors, to enrich different messages brought to life with this type family.

"Quotes Script" counts on a great variety of alternate signs in its lowercase as well as its uppercase letters. It hands a combination of ligatures and capital alternates that allows to shape the beginnings and endings of words and phrases intended to be inspiring and to inspire others that read them. "Quotes" also stands for the fashion universe, Gourmet, Natural, the D.I.Y. passionates, and for all those who seek for the Handcrafted spirit and agrees that it adds an added value to its products and in their communication possibilities.

Nowadays, new trends in the calligraphic and drawn letters fields, have lead to the use of the brush pen as a daily practice, bringing to life phrases that motivates people to share their thoughts. "Quotes" is a typeface that invites to write, share and influence others to make their own.

Sometimes a feeling can't be explained, but "Quotes" is a font that can.