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Jane Complete Family Pack

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Current Product Technical Details

Format:Win TrueType
Product ID:T0920
Material Number:146114491
Technical Name(s):Jane-Bold, Jane-BoldItalic, Jane-CapsBold, Jane-CapsBoldItalic, Jane-CapsLight, Jane-CapsLightItalic, Jane-CapsRegular, Jane-CapsRegularItalic, Jane-Light, Jane-LightItalic, Jane-Regular, Jane-RegularItalic
File Name(s):JANEBold.ttf, JANEBoldItalic.ttf, JANECapsBold.ttf, JANECapsBoldItalic.ttf, JANECapsLight.ttf, JANECapsLightItalic.ttf, JANECapsRegular.ttf, JANECapsRegularItalic.ttf, JANELight.ttf, JANELightItalic.ttf, JANERegular.ttf, JANERegularItalic.ttf
Window Menu Name(s):Jane Bold, Jane BoldItalic, Jane CapsBold, Jane CapsBoldItalic, Jane CapsLight, Jane CapsLightItalic, Jane CapsRegular, Jane CapsRegularItalic, Jane Light, Jane LightItalic, Jane Regular, Jane RegularItalic

Other Products Technical Details

Format: OpenType Std (CFF)
Product ID:T0920
Material Number:147114491
Technical Name(s):JaneOT-Bold, JaneOT-BoldItalic, JaneOT-CapsBold, JaneOT-CapsBoldItalic, JaneOT-CapsLight, JaneOT-CapsLightItalic, JaneOT-CapsRegular, JaneOT-CapsRegularItalic, JaneOT-Light, JaneOT-LightItalic, JaneOT-Regular, JaneOT-RegularItalic
File Name(s):JANEBold.otf, JANEBoldItalic.otf, JANECapsBold.otf, JANECapsBoldItalic.otf, JANECapsLight.otf, JANECapsLightItalic.otf, JANECapsRegular.otf, JANECapsRegularItalic.otf, JANELight.otf, JANELightItalic.otf, JANERegular.otf, JANERegularItalic.otf
Window Menu Name(s):Jane OT Bold, Jane OT BoldItalic, Jane OT CapsBold, Jane OT CapsBoldItalic, Jane OT CapsLight, Jane OT CapsLightItalic, Jane OT CapsRegular, Jane OT CapsRegularItalic, Jane OT Light, Jane OT LightItalic, Jane OT Regular, Jane OT RegularItalic