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FM Bolyar Sans Pro

By The Fontmaker

This is Bolyar Sans font family. For us it is a dream-come-true. It took more than 1 year hard work to transform the existing Bolyar Pro from Serif to Sans Serif version. The result really surprised even us from The Fontmaker and we decided to develop it in 9 instead of 7 weights. So at the end we created 7 different styles of Bolyar sans each consisting from 9 precise weights. Bolyar Sans is not just another font family in our portfolio - it is the essence from all our efforts thru the past 5 years to create a powerful type tool that could easily meet very diverse and complex demands of modern design. Furthermore, like all its predecessors, Bolyar Sans is a type concept created by Designers for Designers. If you are in wine and spirits industry, packaging design, or you just love to work with strong headlines that effortlessly could turn into brand logos, then you should definitely try our Bolyar Sans. It is designed for this. Of course there are plenty of different features like multilingual support, ligatures, alternates, we even added adaptive over- and underlining to make it even more complex in its use. Bolyar Sans pairs perfectly with other members of Bolyar Family -






. So as you see Bolyar is developed as a type platform with own character and style. By using it you could be vintage, classic, modern, soft, even bold, rough and ornate. It is a visual bridge between different typographic periods united under Bolyar name. With our Sans version we aim to be contemporary and to provide powerful type tool to those designers who often love to swim between past and modernity.

Sans Serif