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By Three Islands Press

The Marydale™ typeface family is a suite of casual scripts with remarkable charm and a high rating on the “legibility scale.” Distinctive character shapes, open counters and long swashing descenders, in addition to aiding legibility, help to create a design that has character – and a naive grace.

Marydale, designed in 1993, is the first commercial typeface by Brian Willson, owner of Three Islands Press. The original design was based on the handwriting of the art director of a magazine where Willson worked. Over the years, Willson added new weights and variations to the Marydale family, making it an exceptionally versatile collection of typefaces.

The original Marydale design now has three weights from regular to black. Marydale Inspired is the newer addition to the family (also available in three weights) and is a slightly more subdued design.

With its casual look it isn’t surprising to see Marydale show up on a few greeting cards. Red Rose Digital Art, an electronic greeting card company, uses the font on its greeting card line. Defunct style magazine Domino often used it on the cover.

The Marydale font was used for category headings on the ING website such as “Home Loans” and “Savings Account”. .