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TA Fabricans

By Tural Alisoy

Tural Aliyev
Tural Alisoy

TA Fabricans graphic presentation at Behance

TA Fabricans font is based on Film Fiction Semi Expanded font. The font also supports the Hebrew alphabet. The Display version comes only in the Latin alphabet. I tried to prepare the font carefully. I specifically searched for the Hebrew alphabet. I benefited from my Israeli colleagues. I believe that my font will be successful. Please check and if you have any additional requests or complaints, please write to me. [email protected]

TA Fabricans works great for branding, magazines, headers, logos, TV, UI, web, badge, packaging, headlines, posters, t-shirt/apparel etc. TA Fabricans offers you options to explore a whole host of applications and gives a real modern feel to any project.

Family overview:

  1. 36 fonts, 9 weights (from Thin to ExtraBlack) + Condensed, Expanded, Display
  2. Latin, Hebrew
  3. Display font without Hebrew
  4. Multilingual
  5. 4 free font
  6. Localized Forms with NLD, PLK

OpenType Features:

  1. Localized Forms
  2. Contextual Alternates
  3. Tabular Figures
  4. Subscript
  5. Scientific inferiors
  6. Superscript (Superiors)
  7. Numerators
  8. Case Sensitive Forms
  9. Standard and Discretionary Ligatures
  10. Stylistic Alternates
  11. Kern
  12. Ordinals