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Contax Sans

By Type Innovations

Alex Kaczun
Type Innovations

Contax Sans was created by Alex Kaczun, an American type designer, in 2011. It is a contemporary typeface design based on generous proportions and clean crisp lines—making it ideal for long lines of copy and easy reading. It was modeled after and based on one of his most popular new geometric font families called Contax Pro". Similar to the proportions and overall spacing of "Contax", the new "Contax Sans" incorporates subtle thick and thin stem variations reminiscent of Hermann Zapf's "Optima" family of fonts. The new typeface series shares all the best aspects of "Contax Pro", but is a more delicate and elegant interpretation of the original grotesque and can easily be used in conjunction with or separately for a multitude of typographic solutions. The family comes in 8 weights including Italics—ultra thin, thin, light, regular, medium, bold, black and ultra black. The large font character set provides support for most Central European and many Eastern European languages. Alex Kaczun is currently working on expanding the series to include yet 2 additional variations to the mix, including "Contax Serif" and "Contax Slab". In the end, all 4 typeface style variations of "Contax" will be carefully coordinated to compliment and work well with each other, and provide a useful palette of font choices for both print and the web. And the long term project is to create a super family of "Contax" with additional condensed and expanded variations to the entire mix.