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By TypeArt Foundry, Inc

Lloyd Springer
TypeArt Foundry
Based on the lettering found on a grade B movie poster from the 1960s. The lowercase character slots of Frankenstein are filled with alternative versions of the uppercase character set, allowing you to introduce more variety and dynamic into your typesetting. For an alternative look, try setting the type with tighter tracking so that the solid background parts of the characters overlap. The Frankenstein Stencil fonts function beautifully to give you a unique-looking stencil effect. In actual fact, they are the solid inlines of the regular Frankenstein fonts, and they allow you to apply a colour to the inline portions of your text (i.e. the hollow portions of the letters which surround the regular character counters). Simply make a copy of any text block and paste it directly on top of its duplicate. Select the text in the bottom copy and change it to Frankenstein Stencil and then change the text to a desired colour or shade. Then change the text in the top copy to any of the regular Frankenstein fonts.The weight of the stencil counters has been enlarged slightly to create a comfortable trap for the overlay application described above. . In the PC version of this font family the style names are slightly different from those used in the Mac versions. But the fonts are otherwise identical.