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Sunday Best™

By TypeArt Foundry, Inc

The Sunday Best fonts are based on old hand-lettered type from a retro grade B movie poster. While the regular versions of Sunday Best will satisfy most of your design needs, you may sometimes have the desire to tint the shadows with a different colour or shade than the main parts of the letter. This can be easily done by using the Solid and Shadow fonts provided. The kerning and spacing of all characters in these fonts is identical, allowing you to overlay the different fonts to create different effects. For a simple colour variation between the main letter form and its associated shadow, just follow these easy steps:(1) Set your text in the point size that you are planning to use it. Use the Sunday Best Regular font to determine the point size, line breaks and any other layout factors.(2) When you are satisfied with the placement of your type, change all the text to the Sunday Best Solid font, and change this text to a desired colour or shade of black.(3) Now duplicate all text blocks, and paste them directly on top of the existing text. Select the type in the newly pasted textblocks, and change it to the Sunday Best Shadows font.(4) Change the shadows to the desired colour or shade of black. Because of the file name limitations in the PC world, the names for the PC fonts are slightly different:--Sunday Best-Solid = Sunday Best Solid-Regular--Sunday Best-SolidOblique = Sunday Best Solid-Oblique--Sunday Best-Shadows = Sunday Best Shadows-Regular--Sunday Best-ShadowsOblique = Sunday Best Shadows-Oblique. In the PC version of this font family the style names are slightly different from those used in the Mac versions. But the fonts are otherwise identical.