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By TypeArt Foundry

Lloyd Springer
TypeArt Foundry
The Liteweit family is a variation on sans serif fonts in the style of Helvetica and Gill Sans. But when printed, you will discover that the strokes of our Regular font are much thinner than the regular versions of either of these fonts. The Regular and Italic versions of the Liteweit family were originally designed to be used as a labelling fonts for printed materials, providing great legibility at very small point sizes. They were first created in 1995 for use in the labelling of the fonts in our first TypeArt Foundry print catalog. Because the Liteweit strokes are so thin, the font also works effectively as body text in documents printed on low resolution laser printers (i.e. the thin strokes give the printed output the illusion of being in high resolution). Another advantage of the extremely light weight of the Regular fonts is that you can set very legible text at small point sizes and then proceed to photocopy or fax copies of the document without the 2nd generation outputs looking any darker than a high resolution version of any regular sans serif font. The special Numbers font is for you to do number labelling using numbers which are in either solid or hollow circles. When you type regular numbers on your keyboard you will produce miniature numbers which are perfectly positioned inside hollow circles. If you hold down the shift key while you type a number, you will produce a reversed out number inside a solid circle. If you would like a companion family for the Liteweit fonts, which have heavier character weights, the 4-font Niteweit is what you are looking for.. In the PC version of this font family the style names are slightly different from those used in the Mac versions. But the fonts are otherwise identical.
Sans Serif
Grotesque Sans