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By TypeTogether

Veronika Burian
A typeface originally inspired by a wall lettering in a small chapel on Crete, Greece. Despite it's experimental character it works nicely in a text environment. Crete is perfect for display use where a feminine and elegant touch is desired. The unusual serifs and terminals add to the graceful appearance in the Thin and provide a more robust feel in the Thick. Both weights are metrically interchangeable, so text will not reflow when mixed. The accompanying Italics have several different lettershapes and therefore have, in some cases, their own widths. However, they sit comfortably next to the uprights. The names refer to the change in serif weight instead of increasing vertical stem widths. Crete features our Basic character set including four sets of numerals, ligatures and language support for over 40 languages that use the Latin script.
Slab Serif