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TT Lakes Neue

By TypeType

Introducing TT Lakes Neue in version 2.0!

Please note that the TT Lakes font has been removed from platforms, but you can still order it by sending a request to the studio's commercial department: [email protected]

We have released a continuation of the geometric sans serif inspired by Finnish functionalism. The new version provides more opportunities, because we not only increased the character set and improved the font technically, but also reworked its visual character.

What changed?

Font character.

TT Lakes Neue 2.0 has become calmer, as we have removed the display details in the characters of the main set, making the font more versatile. New stylistic sets were created, thanks to which the nature of the font can be controlled, making it more expressive.

  • Changed the forms of the characters "¿¿", "¿¿", "¿¿", "¿¿", lowercase "b" and alternative "g".
  • Added alternative forms for all types of the number "1", for the characters "Mm", "DD", "Ll".
  • Added technological character sets, with which the font looks stylish and expressive. You may notice that in these sets, the forms of lowercase characters with arches (r, m, n) are changed, and there are gaps in the places of infusions and connections of all characters.

Scope of application.

The scope of TT Lakes Neue 2.0 have become even more diverse, because the sans serif has become more neutral in character and more functional.

  • TT Lakes Neue 2.0 is the perfect font for the gaming industry. Suitable for game interfaces of different genres.
  • Technological sets can be used in architectural projects, in the headlines of posters and magazines, on outdoor signs.
  • The font is suitable for logo design, looks great in branding.

Character set and technical characteristics.

We have significantly improved the set of the font, increasing the number of characters from 736 to 921. The font has become more functional due to the updated technical stuffing and new features, of which there are now 36 instead of 24.

  • Added characters of extended Latin, fractions, arrows.
  • Created new kerning and hinting.
  • Updated variable font.
  • Added new OpenType features.

The TT Lakes Neue font has 5 subfamilies: Compressed, Condensed, Regular, Extended, Expanded. In total, there are 91 styles in the font: 9 upright and 9 slanted in each subfamily and 1 variable font. Each style has 921 characters and 36 OpenType features.