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TT Norms

By TypeType

Working on TT Norms font family, we've aimed to create a modern geometric grotesk with the widest implementation range, a reliable workhorse. This concept is reflected in the name of the font family TT Norms (Norm – from English norm, standard). The basis for TT Norms is the classic type character proportions. We've been especially careful working on geometry of each glyph, both from the point of view of visual correctness and forms continuity.

The main version of TT Norms is of a neutral nature, which becomes more humanistic when stylistic alternates are on. Nine weights and nine corresponding true italics, a large number of ligatures, and broad support of OpenType features (ordn, case, frac, sinf, sups, dnom, numr, tnum, pnum, liga, salt) allow to easily adapt the font family for different purposes. TT Norms works equally well in large text arrays and in small headings, and it is “the one” universal geometric grotesk.

Sans Serif
Geometric Sans