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By Typodermic

Ray Larabie

Big Joe Mufferaw was a legendary Ottawa valley hero; a giant of a man renowned for his strength and simple, good nature. Mufferaw, the font, aspires to the same qualities; strong but friendly and uncomplicated. The well-defined but playful shapes have a slightly rustic bent and low x-heights give the illusion of weightiness without being squat or heavy. The wide letters are easy going at most sizes and have a comic book friendliness and appeal. Mufferaw is an large clan with 16 styles; chaperoned by Regular and Bold in 3 widths; condensed, regular and expanded plus italics for each. The Mufferaw kin-folk: * Shaded; slightly bashful but honest and hard-working kids. * 3D, the showy, look-at-me kid. * Outline; the quiet cousin who delivers when called on. * Distorted; there’s one in every family. Mufferaw is suitable for so much more than just text. Use it for print work, signage, product labelling, logos, and more. Where ever you need a bold, uncomplicated and warm font, call on Big Joe Mufferaw