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Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans

By TypoGraphicDesign

The typeface Hand Stamp Slab Serif Rough is designed for the Typo Graphic Design font foundry in 2017 by Manuel Viergutz. A display slab serif type for headlines with a used stamp-style by hand. Vintage-look plus state-of-the-art automatic generated OpenType-features (like contextual alternates (calt)).

For use in magazines, posters, headlines and advertisement, plus as webfont for decorative headlines.

1031 glyphs with 5x A–Z, 5x 0–9, 5x a–z and extras like arrows, dingbats, symbols, geomatric shapes, catchwords and many alternative letters.

Have fun with this font & use the DEMO-FONT (with reduced glyph-set) FOR FREE!