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By URW Type Foundry

Lindemann, Gabriele created Argonautica for her art project “ Art for Extraterrestrials”. Argonautica is based on a relict from the future which Ets left on earth. In July 1947, a U.F.O. crashed in the desert of New Mexico, USA. There were unknown glyphs detected on the U.F.O. which are still undeciphered today. Lindemann, Gabriele developed a readable Latin alphabet based on one of the unknown glyphs. The term Argonautica stems from Greek mythology and names one of the legends of the argonauts. They were sea travellers while the Ets were and still are time voyagers. That's why Lindemann, Gabriele picked the name Argonautica for her typeface family. Imagine that in the far future, archaeologists will excavate very old panels but cannot translate the script on it. Then, Argonautic will be named: The Hieroglyphs of the Trillenium.