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By URW Type Foundry

Hermann Zapf
URW Type Foundry
It took me 12 years to bring this extensive font family to completion. A lot has been changed, transformed, peeled and developed in all those years. For many of my projects I used it as my quarry and so it might have become something like a synthesis of all my imaginations and experiences. To me »Schnebel Sans« represents the optimal design of a contemporary grotesque that perfectly unites dynamics with statics. For copy text the typefaces are very legible, neutrally and remain in the background, but despite this generate the necessary tension when set as headlines. »Schnebel Sans« is available in 48 different styles. It is available as a Pro Font, containing West, East Greek, and Cyrillic or as the Schnebel Sans ME, also containing Arabic and Hebrew. The scripts include small caps and various figure sets.This big range of styles from Thin to Black and from Compressed to Expanded offer many possibilities for design and fulfill all requirements for a professional use. Because of the supplement of several non-Latin character sets, the »Schnebel Sans« is perfectly suitable for global services too. Volker Schnebel, 2016