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By URW Type Foundry

Marble is part of Asterisk Type Collection by URW Type Foundry. Marble is a modern sans serif with a distinct character and comes in 108 styles plus Variable Fonts. It grew from the desire to create full bodied letters in contrast to the economy of most sans serif faces. Designed for corporate and publishing use it is rounded and approachable, its three styles (Condensed, Normal and Wide) range from slender elegance to warmth and playfulness without ever being informal. Designed by Alessia Mazzarella and Vaibhav Singh, Marble derives its character from the generous roundness of the x-heights which is balanced by the striking horizontal or vertical cuts to the terminals. The result is a readable font that encourages the eye to move from one shape to the next and that offers a range of possibilities for digital and print. The Marble family has nine weights in Latin for each variant. Eminently versatile, it’s ideal for establishing hierarchies of information with a wealth of choices for headlines, subheadings, captions and body copy styles that are all in harmony with each other. The Wide style allows headlines to be set with width and presence.