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Corporate S


Part of a carefully planned and designed family of typefaces, Corporate S™ is a clean and crisp sans serif design that’s very legible and readable. It’s intended to be used in conjunction with its siblings, Corporate A™ and Corporate E™, both serif typefaces. It’s available in 6 weights, each in 3 variations.

Knowing that typography influences the subconscious, some large organizations try to inspire a positive emotion in their advertising and other public messages, and then reinforce and capitalize on that emotion by using the same typeface in their other communications. Others simply establish a single corporate typeface for all their textual communication, including advertising, to establish a sense of unity and consolidation. It was for this latter reason that Daimler Chrysler commissioned a corporate identity typeface from Professor Kurt Weidemann, a famous German typographer, who worked on the commission during the period 1985 – 1990.

Weidemann created a trilogy of typefaces, meant to provide the company a complete suite of fonts suitable for any corporate purpose. Corporate S is the sans serif member of the family, while Corporate A (for Antiqua) incorporates a bracketed serif and Corporate E (Egyptian) boasts a slab serif. All three have since become available for licensing by any organization, though many Daimler divisions still use different variations of Corporate, and Daimler itself uses Corporate S as its corporate identity typeface.


Corporate S is exceptionally well-suited for many applications, such as signage, packaging, advertising headlines and text, and newspapers and magazines. It’s as much at home on the printed page as it is onscreen where its clean lines and open counters make it highly legible.

Of course, Weidemann envisioned Corporate A as the typeface for corporate correspondence and other continual text applications, but Corporate S is also appropriate for such uses on its own, as well as for other related purposes, such as white papers, annual reports and sales presentations.