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Technical Standard VP

By VP Type

Val Kalinic
VP Type

The initial inspiration for the design of Technical Standard VP came from examining the various types of precisely machined labels on tools from cameras to cars, which need to be perfectly legible at all sizes. The unique streamlined look such processes achieve was carefully reinterpreted and manually refined over the course of two years. The resulting font is at the same time robust and stylish, both universal and unique, with its ten distinct styles offering great versatility.

All styles in this family include an extensive Latin character set, the Greek alphabet, multiple sets of numerals, a large set of punctuation marks, and other symbols. With 1120 glyphs in each style, it guarantees full support for all Latin languages.

To make the family even more powerful, twenty OpenType features are included, such as multiple vertical positions, diagonal fractional forms, optional slashed zeros, separate old-style and lining figures, small capitals, and contextual alternates.

Sans Serif