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VP Pixel Pro

By VP Type

Val Kalinic
VP Type

VP Pixel Pro is designed to be the definitive standard for a pixel typeface.

This fresh take on the retro grid streamlines the pixel style for modern high-resolution screens and combines a vast character set with advanced typographic features.

With over a thousand characters, it guarantees full support for 220 languages, ensuring your work can be localised effortlessly in the future and translated into virtually any language that uses the Latin alphabet. All fonts in this family include upper case, lower case, and small capitals letters, as well as the Greek alphabet, multiple sets of numerals, a large set of punctuation marks, and other symbols.

Numerous OpenType features are included, such as multiple vertical positions, diagonal fractional forms, optional slashed zeros, separate old-style and lining figures, small capitals, and contextual alternates.

Sans Serif