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By Wiescher Design

Wiescher Design

Monogramma is a set of 676 beatiful and unique Monograms plus some doubles. There is one monogram for each possible letter-combination! For easy use I packed the monograms in 13 packets. One for two starting letter each. So if for example you look for the monogram »GW«, you must choose the packet »Monogramma-GH«. the G-combinations under the uppercase letters. You now have to type a capital »W« and Bingo you have the combination »GW«! Some letter-combinations have doubles, just check the numbers 0 to 9 if there is anything to be found. If you buy the whole set of monograms you get the basic font free of charge! Your long-distance (this was a lot of work) font-designer Gert Wiescher