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Draft from Yellow Design Studio is a 144-font powerhouse type suite that’s smooth and confident with a decidedly modern edge. It features nine weights (Hairline to Black) and eight widths (A to H) for ultimate flexibility and fine-grain control. With almost 600 glyphs, Draft offers a full complement of professional typographic features and extensive language support. Try the full versions of Draft B Regular and Italic for free! Draft opentype features include: Alternate a - accessed with Stylistic Alternates or Stylistic Set 1 Alternate g - accessed with Swash or Stylistic Set 2 Alternate t - accessed with Titling Alternates or Stylistic Set 3 Alternate Q - accessed with Ornaments or Stylistic Set 4 Alternate Ampersand 1 - accessed with Stylistic Set 5 Alternate Ampersand 2 - accessed with Stylistic Set 6 Underlined Ordmasculine, Ordfeminine - accessed with Stylistic Set 7 Alternate underlined Ordfeminine - accessed with Stylistic Set 8 Subtle Ligatures (for improved text flow) Oldstyle Numerals Tabular Numerals Case-Sensitive Forms Numerator, Denominator, Superscript, Subscript Automatic Fractions