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Monday's Deals


Neue Haas Unica Complete Family

Neue Haas Unica Complete Family™ / $399 $99

18 styles by Linotype

Canvas Acrylic Megafamily

Canvas Acrylic Megafamily / $19 $19

39 styles by Yellow Design Studio

DIN Next Family

DIN Next™ Family / $499 $99

14 styles by Linotype

Congenial Family

Congenial Family / $79 $39

10 styles by Laura Worthington

Camila Complete Family

Camila Complete Family / $199 $79

13 styles by Latinotype

Stolzl Complete Family

Stolzl Complete Family / $160 $49

6 styles by The Northern Block

Scotch Roman

1 Style / $35 $9

Compass St Family

2 Styles / $60 $29

Scotch Roman Italic

1 Style / $35 $9

Ganache Regular

1 Style / $19 $9

Quelat Complete Family

13 Styles / $126 $49

Modish Regular

1 Style / $29 $19

Monotype Lightline Gothic Regular

1 Style / $35 $9

Velik Regular

1 Style / $19 $9

Sackers Script English Script

1 Style / $35 $9

Kairos Complete Family

Kairos™ Complete Family / 51 Styles / $499 $99

Al Fresco Family

Al Fresco Family / 2 Styles / $59 $29

ITC Serif Gothic Complete Family

ITC Serif Gothic™ Complete Family / 6 Styles / $179 $39

Australis Pro Complete Family

Australis Pro Complete Family / 6 Styles / $199 $79

ITC Edwardian Script Complete Family

ITC Edwardian Script™ Complete Family / 2 Styles / $84 $19

Parma Complete Family

Parma™ Complete Family / 4 Styles / $233 $39

Verb Complete Family

Verb Complete Family / 72 Styles / $169 $49

Delisia Regular

Delisia Regular / 1 Styles / $233 $39

Canilari Complete Family

Canilari Complete Family / 8 Styles / $126 $49

Ahkio Complete Family

Ahkio Family / 5 Styles / $99 $49

Monotype Library Subscription

Only during Fontacular

Save 25% on a Monotype Library Subscription

The Monotype Library Subscription gives you instant access to over 2,200 of the world's most recognizable fonts, with one click-install and sync across multiple machines. Enter FontacularMLS at checkout and save 25% on your first monthly, annual, or triennial billing term.


Win Our Commemorative, 5-Color Fontacular Silkscreened Poster Now!

There's only ONE way to win this poster, and we’re going to spell it out for you: tweet using hashtag #Fontacular and tell us how our event is changing your typographic life for your chance to win. See our official rules for all the pertinent fine print.

Fontacular Poster
Mama's Sauce Oxford Pennant French Paper Company Eephus League


The Biggest Thanks in the World

There's a saying around our clubhouse, that it's not Fontacular without Mama's Sauce. Mama's Sauce, located in beautiful Orlando, Florida, are purveyors of incredible gourmet printing. They've been with us from our very first event, and we're so grateful that they help bring our commemorative Fontacular posters to life. In sportsball parlance, you might say they're our real MVP. Thanks, Mama. We're also pleased to welcome back the fine folks of Oxford Pennant, whose high-quality pennants help spread the typographic joy of Fontacular for a second year in a row. Likewise, a big Fontacular shoutout to French Paper Company—the best family-owned, Michigan-based paper mill you ever did see. Without French Paper, our posters would just be pools of ink floating in the ether. Lastly, we're thrilled to welcome The Eephus League, the premier purveyor of baseball lore, particulars, and merch, including world-class scoring books. Oh, and The Eephus League was founded by Bethany Heck, a typographer of legendary esteem who also happened to design our amazing Fontacular campaign this year.

See you tomorrow with more incredible #Fontacular deals