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Fonts Used on

We often receive inquiries regarding the various fonts used on Below you'll find a list of typefaces used on our site and where you can learn more about them:

Text Faces

For most body copy (the text you're reading now, for example) and our headings, we use the Frutiger Neue typeface family. This typeface is a collaborative design effort between Adrian Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi.

Hero Images

Each month the homepage of features a series of large images – known as hero images  – which celebrate newly released and best-selling typefaces, in addition to some hidden gems. These images, which are created by both established as well as emerging practitioners in the design community, are meant to expressively showcase the character and nuance of the typefaces they feature. See all the hero images featured on by visiting the Hero Image Archive.

The Logo

The logo was created using a customized version of the Harmonia Sans family by Jim Wasco.

The fy(t)i Logo

The For Your Typographic Information logo is set in the ITC Jellybaby typeface designed by Timothy Donaldson.

The Fontology Logo

The Fontology logo is set in the Egyptian Slate typeface family designed by Rod McDonald.