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Affiliate Program Best Practices

Read the Search Engine Guidelines

While there will always be a certain amount of guesswork involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the majoriy of what you need to know is provided by the search engines themselves. Take the time to read the rules and webmaster guidelines from Google, Yahoo and Bing. These helpful guides will outline ways to format your site to keep it search engine friendly. A little studying can make a big difference in your search engine rankings and your commissions! Google has launched a number of algorithm changes designed to fight "link farms" and sites with shallow content. The rule of thumb is, if it won't benefit your users, it won't benefit your search ranking!

Add a Font Search

Nothing takes a visitor to the product they’re searching for quicker than a search box. Be sure your visitors have a way of searching for the products they desire. If you already have a font search on your site, add our products to it. Download our datafeed containing the names, URLs and image locations of each of the 60,000+ products carried on Get your search box code from the "Creative Collateral" section of the affiliate portal.

Promote Ongoing Deals

Linking to promotion is always a smart move and an easy way to drive sales from your visitors. Promotions on are updated weekly. Promoting these offers can help you generate more commissions! View the list of active promotions on the Promotions page.

Update Your Site Regularly

In the world of search engine optimization, content is more important than ever. Bring visitors back to your site by keeping it fresh with new, updated content. Search engines will also reward this behavior by boosting the rankings of sites that are frequently updated. Also, search engines send their spiders to regularly updated sites more frequently, allowing new pages to be indexed more quickly. New releases are constantly being added to - make sure you have the latest copy of the Affiliate Datafeed, released monthly.

Add Alt Tags to Image Calls

An alt tag is a text string that appears on screen when a user mouses over an image. Alt tags also have an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, most search engines recommend using alt tags in their guidelines. Not only do these handy tags provide additional information to visitors on your iste, they offer another location to place specific keywords. This can boost your search engine rankings for those keywords.

For example, if you created a page to promote the Arial Bold font, your alt tag would look like this: alt="Arial Bold Font." See it here in the following image call for the Arial Bold image:

<img alt="Arial Bold Font" border="0" src="//" />

Use unique and specific keyword-packed alt tags to increase the search engine ranking of your product pages.

Promote Big Ticket Items

Did you know that offers many products selling for $500 or more? Luckily for affiliates, these “big ticket” items are also some of the site’s best-selling products. offers “complete family packs” for just about every font family sold on the site. (Try searching for “complete family packs” for an up to date list). These products combine every font of a given family into a single pack. Start promoting these high-priced and high-converting packs for big commissions.

Add Original Content

As you’ve probably noticed, the Internet is full of font sites competing for traffic. While building individual pages for every product is a great start, it may take extra effor to get your pages to the top of the search engine rankings. Adding original content can help. Create your own descriptions, classifications and other content packed with keywords is a great way to improve search engine rankings and to keep visitors coming back to your site.

Add Category Links

Adding category links to your site provides potential customers with the ability to search for fonts using familiar themes such as "Casual Scripts" or "Image Fonts." Try adding category links to your site. Link code for these 11 categories can be found in the text link section of your affiliate account: Casual Scripts, Calligraphic Scripts, Formal Scripts, Blackletter Scripts, Kids Fonts, Scary Fonts, Western Fonts, Technical Fonts, Image Fonts, Famous Fonts, Language Fonts

Build Multiple Sites

Have a successful affiliate Web site? Why not create another? Most of our top affiliates have two or more font-related sites. More sites mean more traffic, and more traffic means more commissions. Share links between your sites to get your new site indexed quickly and boost your page rank.

Link To A Specific Product

In some instances, you may wish to have a banner or text link point directly to a specific product, in which case you will need to obtain the url of that product. Our datafeed contains all the specific product urls on one spreadsheet, or you may go to and search for the product yourself.

Tag Your Links from Social Media and Third-Party Sites

Earn commissions on the traffic you refer through Twitter, Facebook or any other third party site by using the “SiteId” tag. Simply add ?SiteId= and your site id (found in the "Manage Sites" section of the affiliate portal) to the end of any link going to to earn commissions on sales from that source. For example, if you’re linking to and your site id is “13”, your link would look like this: