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IBM Typographic Guidelines

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Our typography supports the range of conversations IBM experts must have throughout the world. Because we deliver much of our expertise through text, our typography needs to express the depth and variety of our knowledge in a tone that is consistent with our character. The English (Latin) fonts are: Helvetica® Neue Pro, Janson® Text Pro and ITC Lubalin Graph®. Each of these typefaces represent unique tonal qualities that speak to the depth and character of the IBM brand. Together, they ensure an appropriate and consistent tone, as well as logical hierarchies among different pieces of text.

One stop shopping

To this end, we have collected the complete sets of both Latin and Non-Latin fonts in one location for ease of access and purchase. Purchasing through allows our vendor to administer a discounted rate* for the purchase of IBM fonts as well as the ability to refresh the site for any new additions or updates (see Newly IBM kerned fonts)

How IBM fonts are categorized

Latin fonts cover North America, Western Europe and Extended Latin fonts for the Central and Eastern European regions. For those areas around the globe whose language and unique needs could not be managed with the core set of Latin fonts, we have thoroughly searched for the appropriate alternatives that can support the range and diversity of conversations from IBM. They are classified as Non-Latin fonts and have been organized in the following categories, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese (Simplified)**, Chinese (Traditional)**, and Japanese. Included on this site are the global typographic guidelines that can be downloaded for your reference. Korean and some Japanese fonts are carried by regional vendors whose website links are included in the global typographic guidelines that can be downloaded for your reference.

Newly kerned fonts

We have kerned both ITC Lubalin Graph and Helvetica Neue. These two fonts represent the most troublesome out-of-the-box settings, so to provide brand consistency in our typographic settings we have decided to adjust both the kerning pairs as well as the word spacing. These are now available for download or purchase.

If there are any questions relating to the specific fonts chosen as alternatives, or any other font or typographical issue please contact (U.S.) Lisa Lind ([email protected]) or Mike Abbink (Mike Abbink).

Purchasing issues and questions

Please feel free to contact the Monotype sales department directly regarding questions around purchasing or licensing of any of the fonts on the IBM fonts microsite.