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Custom Fonts

We’ve helped many companies translate their brand values into custom designed type. Through consistent usage, custom typefaces can help increase the recognition of your brand.

You may already have ideas on how your typeface should reflect your corporate identity. Our design experts can work with you to enable you to deliver your vision. Whether you’re looking for a complete typeface family in a range of weights or special character sets, we can deliver.

Our Services Include

  • Custom typeface design
  • Digitization of existing artwork
  • Creation of logo and symbol fonts
  • Development of custom character sets
  • Creation of fine-tuned ESQ® (Enhanced Screen Quality) fonts
  • Non-Latin font development
  • Font format conversions
  • Multilingual and Unicode™-compliant font solutions
  • Custom editing of printer fonts
  • Multiple platform font support
  • Consulting on typefaces, fonts and font technologies

Font Development for Font Technologies

  • TrueType® font format
  • PostScript® Type1 font format
  • OpenType® font format
  • Unicode multilingual character coding system

Custom Typeface Design

In some instances, the best solution to a corporation's branding needs is a proprietary typeface design. Whether it’s a new and unique design or a modification of an existing typeface, an exclusive corporate font enables distinction in corporate communications.

Custom Character Sets

To address internationalization requirements, many companies have discovered that the standard character set doesn't fully meet their needs. They often require Eastern European language letterforms or a host of non-Latin characters to meet multinational requirements. Let us work with you to develop all the necessary language support you need.


TrueType fonts are common in corporate environment, as most PCs include a wide choice of TrueType fonts. As these typefaces don't require the purchase of additional software to work in Windows® environments, fonts based on the TrueType standard have become widespread.

Monotype Imaging has one of the largest offerings of TrueType fonts and can work with you to fulfill custom TrueType requirements.

Delta Hinting

TrueType fonts often need to be tuned, or "delta-hinted," to work best on screen, particularly fonts for low-resolution environments. Monotype Imaging offers ESQ® (Enhanced Screen Quality) fonts tailored for low-resolution devices. In addition, we offer ESQ Mobile fonts – typefaces that have been hinted specifically for small sizes typically used in mobile environments.


Developed jointly by Microsoft and Adobe and supported by Monotype Imaging’s compression technology, the OpenType font format comprises enhancements to the TrueType format. The OpenType standard offers multiplatform support for both Windows and Macintosh® systems. OpenType fonts accommodate large character sets and offer improved support for Internet and PDF publishing.

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