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Best New Fonts of 2021

We want to say thank you for being an amazing customer this past year! In 2021, we added many new font families to We’ve collected, calculated, and curated all of our data from the whole year and present you the Top 10 Best-Selling NEW Fonts of 2021. Along with our list, we are giving out HUGE Savings of up to 50% off!

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Helvetica Now Variable


2 Styles by Monotype

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Helvetica Now 2.0 builds on the groundbreaking work of 2019’s Helvetica Now release—all of the clarity, simplicity, and neutrality of classic Helvetica with everything 21st-century designers need. In this 2021 release, we introduce Helvetica Now Variable and add condensed weights to the Helvetica Now static fonts.

Avenir Next World


20 Styles by Linotype

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The Avenir Next World family, the most recent release from Monotype, is an expansive family of fonts that offers support for more than 150 languages and scripts that include Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Georgian, Armenian and Thai. Avenir Next World contains 10 weights, from UltraLight to Heavy.



62 Styles by Zetafonts

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Influenced by vernacular grotesques sign-painting and modernist ideals, and inspired by the classy aesthetic of fashion icon Coco Chanel, Coco is drawn on a classic geometric sans skeleton but applies humanist proportions and visual corrections to key letters with the aim to create a warmer, subtly vintage texture on the page and on the screen. Coco Sharp drops the rounded corners of previous incarnations (Coco Gothic and Cocogoose) to pair the typeface display and logo capability with a sharper definition for text use.

Autoprom Pro


24 Styles by Fenotype

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AutopromPro is a modern sans serif display font with a geometric touch contains 24 styles. It comes in 6 weights and its matching rounded and italics. The Thin weight and Black Rounded Italic is a free of charge, so you can use them to your projects.

Hanley Pro


23 Styles by District 62 Studio

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The origin story of Hanley Font Collection all starts with the Script. We were designing logos and kept feeling like we needed a different kind of script, vintage feeling but not dated, and not too baseball-y or too formal. We couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for, so we decided to create it ourselves. After that we realized what we really wanted was good wood block looking lettering especially with small caps. And the collection just grew from there - a tall slim style, a monoline version of the script and of course a good sans. We topped off the group with a large selection of catchwords and extras with plenty of swirls, swashes and frames. Hanley has just enough irregularity to the edges to impart a human feel, but it’s still clean. Super versatile, all the styles work well together and can look authentically vintage or modern and hand-crafted.



11 Styles by Monotype

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Vary by Olli Meier is a geometric sans serif typeface inspired by Bulgarian Cyrillic. This font is fun and adaptable and was built with three feelings (variations): classic, modern, and loopy, offering an opportunity for designers to be playful in their creations. The inspiration in Bulgarian Cyrillic is seen mostly in the character “g,” which was inspired by a very uncommon handwritten “?” spotted by the designer in a shop window in Sofia, Bulgaria. When he flipped this design in 180°, the Latin character ‘g’ was born for Vary.



92 Styles by Catharsis Fonts

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Quinoa is display typeface by Catharsis Fonts that unites the seemingly opposed concepts of clean geometric architecture and organic humanist warmth. While it is designed for display and editorial purposes, its accessible forms make for comfortable reading even at small text sizes. Its exuberant adaptive and refreshing titling alternates bring display text to life. Quinoa covers multilingual Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and Armenian.

Heading Now


162 Styles by Zetafonts

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Heading Now is the new incarnation of Heading Pro, developing the original typeface family designed by Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts into a superfamily with 160 variant combinations. Built around 10 different widths, ranging from ultra-compressed to ultra-wide, and eight weights from thin to heavy, Heading Now provides a full spectrum of sans serif-type solutions to your design problems.



16 Styles by Fenotype

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While other contemporary fonts are just a tad too cool or restrained in their appearance, Lagom is polite and diplomatic. When you use Lagom, you’ll be able to reach just that fine line between sophistication and mundane. The font family works really well with FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) products, restaurant identities, and menus or way-finding systems – you could even try it on a mobile app for that more human, ease-of-approach feel.

1913 Typewriter Carbon


14 Styles by GLC

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This font was patterned after a few characters on a genuine old 1913 small portable typewriter. It looks like those early typescripts, rough, irregular and eroded, suggestive of mythical famous authors, such as Hemingway, as well as “serie noire” movies or anonymous state employee working in a gloomy Kafkaesque office. It is a complete alphabetic full font. It can be used as web-site titles, poster design, or book editing.



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Carmen Sans


9 Styles by studiojaso

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16 Styles by Monotype

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17 Styles by Ahmet Altun

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32 Styles by Paulo Goode

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36 Styles by The Northern Block

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