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Best New Fonts of 2022

We want to say thank you for being an amazing customer this year! In 2022, we added many new font families to! We've taken all the data from the entire year and present you with the definitive Top 10 Best-Selling NEW Fonts of 2022. We don't want to just give you stats, so we’re giving out HUGE Savings as well!

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16 Styles by Paulo Goode

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Hierophant is a humanist serif type family that has the heritage of classic Old Style and Transitional type while having the crisp lines and functionality of contemporary fonts. Its defining features include a high-contrast combined with diagonal stress, along with pinched stems and horizontals. This gives Hierophant a distinctive hand-drawn feel which also reflects the strong influence of the work of 16th century calligrapher Giovanni Francesco Cresci upon this family.

TT Livret


32 Styles by TypeType

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If you still think that an antiqua is a typeface with a strong historical character that difficult to apply in modern realities, meet the new typeface from TypeType! TT Livret is an elegant, modern and functional antiqua featuring a calm text and an expressive display subfamily. This font looks harmonious in books and other periodicals, on posters or on magazine covers. The scope is not limited to the printing industry, because TT Livret looks aesthetically pleasing wherever text is used. The TT Livret font family consists of 32 faces: 15 upright, 15 oblique, and 2 variable fonts.

FF DIN Paneuropean Variable®


2 Styles by FontFont

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FF DIN Variable offers you more FF DIN than ever before. Pushing font technology to its limits, Variable fonts provide creatives a tool to dial in hyper specific variations which thrive in any design space. FF DIN Variable take bold steps in engineering, which the typefaces behaviour which brings in FF DIN’s technical look-and-feel into the smooth and almost organic world of Variable Fonts. FF DIN Variable stays faithful to its parent’s DNA, the utmost care was taken to ensure that the new instances of FF DIN Variable remained consistent with all the well-known weights. Precision is the mantra of FF DIN, the FF DIN Variable is no exception to this design philosophy. Produce exquisitely fine-tuned typography and expressive animated headlines for any design. Infinite styles, intelligent, and powerful.

Hernandez Bros


8 Styles by Latinotype

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Hernández Bros, is a typeface designed by Daniel and Eli Hernández. Born in the year 2021, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, from a collaborative spirit where everything called them to work together as family, in order to obtain better results in such trying times. The Hernández siblings, started a ping pong of drawings based on Bulfinch found in the 1912 ATF catalogue. From this exercise, Hernández Bros was designed, a modern Sans Serif, with 8 weights ranging from Extralight to Black. This is an elegant font, with beautiful and harmonious contrasts, which makes it ideal for titles, brands, editorial design, magazines among others.

Geometrico Slab


12 Styles by FSdesign-Salmina

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Should it express power? Geometric and Slabserifs: a relatively rare combination. GeometricoSlab takes its cue from Herb Lubalin’s typeface family of the same name, and by using optical corrections with restraint, it looks a touch more uncompromising. The flexible, partly asymmetrical arrangement of the serifs avoids an overly heavy effect. The typeface family is suitable for both headlines and small point sizes and is related Geometrico Sans Curious? Try GeometricSlab free of charge.

TT Norms Pro Serif®


24 Styles by TypeType

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We continue to expand the line of the studio's main bestseller TT Norms® Pro! TT Norms® Pro Serif is not just an add-on, it is a full-fledged serif based on the functional TT Norms® Pro sans serif. TT Norms® Pro Serif is easily recognizable by slight contrast in proportions, axis tilt in ovals, width dynamics and diagonal contrast. Other characteristic features of the serif are the small contrast of strokes, open apertures and brutal serifs, the length of which decreases in proportion to the decrease in boldness. The font has good readability, so it can be used even in small sizes. It can be used on websites, in printed materials, and for packaging design. TT Norms® Pro Serif consists of 24 styles: 11 upright, 11 oblique, and 2 variable fonts, separate for roman typefaces and italics. The family has 29 OpenType features, including localization features. Each face has 1236 glyphs.



18 Styles by Latinotype

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Fontanella is a typeface designed by Coto Mendoza, which emerged from calligraphy and manual drawing exploring the skeleton and classic proportions of Roman capital letters. This initial process later gave rise to a sans serif family composed of 8 pesos and its italic variants. It also includes small caps, old numbers and width variants in the set of alternates. The slightly enlarged x-height makes it perfect for composing short texts in editorial, fashion, branding, magazine, television, window display and other media projects. Fontanella a classic spirit reinterpreted in a contemporary language.



12 Styles by Fenotype

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Typographers — and clients alike — are often obsessed with novelty. Be it self-consciously peculiar details with made-you-look appeal — or just austere, detached minimalism, constant seek for novelty in typography often becomes an end in itself. A lot of times, an old trick is better than a bagful of new ones — all you might actually need would be a good, reliable font family with soul, providing that comforting, familiar feel. This is where Forrest comes in: a type family born out of a lifelong passion for digging into old archives of fonts, in search for that good ol’ type — simple, honest, made with love. But make no mistake, Forrest is as savvy as fonts come, packed with smart features. Handsome swashes, cute small capitals and old style figures all add a bit of flair and enable a highly sophisticated and contemporary approach to typography.

Shorai Sans


10 Styles by Monotype

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Shorai™ Sans balances the subtlety of traditional hand-drawn brushstrokes with clean, geometric outlines. An intellectual-looking sans serif, Shorai’s simplified letterforms and vast weight ranges provide creatives with a holistic branding solution. Shorai Sans was designed as a companion typeface to Avenir® Next, built to work harmoniously in modern global designs, while preserving the essence of Japanese handwriting. Shorai goes beyond existing Japanese sans serifs to provide a wide spectrum of expression and personality for designers to play with. Shorai Sans is opening new horizons in Japanese typography.

FF DIN Paneuropean®


28 Styles by FontFont

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FF DIN: the famous, faithful and first revival of DIN 1451. FF DIN originates in the lettering models from the German standard DIN 1451, and is considered the perfect standard typeface due to methodical and engineered design. Infinite styles, intelligent, and powerful.

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