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Best Sellers Surprise Sale

Best Sellers Surprise Sale

I’m a relative newcomer to the typographic pantheon. I grew out of a collaboration between a lettering artist and a typographic designer. Working hand-in-hand, they crafted all the letters as a standalone piece of art while, at the same time, performing together harmoniously, as an efficient typeface. (Truly, something that is greater than the sum of its parts.) I could be pigeonholed as a stencil design, but the breaks in my strokes are not rigid. They are exchanges that have been hand-crafted between each design element. I am not utilitarian or static, but elegant and flowing. I could be called the perfect balance between functionality and art. Who am I?

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FS Renaissance® - 50% OFF

$50.00 $25.00

1 Style by Monotype

FS Renaissance Font Family was designed by Pedro Arilla, Craig Black, and published by Monotype. FS Renaissance contains 1 style.

FS Renaissance is a display stencil typeface by the Monotype Studio. A collaboration between lettering artist and designer Craig Back and Creative Type Director Pedro Arilla, the single style font explores the intersection between art and design. With artist and designer working hand in hand, each letter was crafted as a standalone piece of art, while working harmoniously together as a functioning typeface. The typeface is inspired by the Renaissance period symbolised by flourishing progress in the arts, sciences, learning, and philosophy. The typeface is not a traditional stencil design: the cuts are not rigid but interactions that are hand crafted between each element, emphasising the idea of a typeface as a piece of art or sculpture. Pedro Arilla’s aim was to take the core DNA of Craig’s lettering and apply it to a typographic base with a solid internal consistency, balanced with an external elegance. Pedro and Craig worked closely together to make sure the original concept was not compromised and this is reflected in the finished design which strikes the perfect balance between functionality and art.


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Don't forget that the Best Sellers Surprise Sale only lasts 24 HOURS - ends TONIGHT, at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Shop now while you can!