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Eric Gill

Eric Gill – born 22. 2. 1882 in Brighton, England, died 17. 11. 1940 in Uxbridge, England – sculptor, graphic artist, type designer. Studied at the Chichester Technical and Art School.

  • 1899–1903: works in an architect’s office. Takes lessons in lettering with Edward Johnston at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London.
  • 1905–09: produces initials and book covers for Insel publishers in Leipzig.
  • 1906: designs inititals for Ashedene Press.
  • 1907: moves to Ditchling, Sussex. Here he produces stone sculptures, including for the BBC building in London.
  • 1914: produces sculptures for the stations of the cross in Westminster Cathedral in London.
  • 1924: moves to Capel-y-ffin.
  • 1925–31: works for the Golden Cockerell Press (initials, illustrations and an exclusive text type).
  • 1928: moves to Pigotts near High Wycombe. Works for London Underground’s administrative headquarters. With his son-in-law he founds his own hand-press which prints luxury bibliophile editions.
  • 1930: illustrations for the last number of "The Fleuron" magazine.
  • 1936: made a Royal Designer for Industry.
  • 1937: designs a postage stamp which is in use for 15 years.
  • 1938: produces stone tablets for the League of Nations building in Geneva.

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