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Frederic W. Goudy

Frederic William Goudy – born 8. 3. 1865 in Bloomington, USA, died 11. 5. 1947 in Malborough-on-Houdson, USA – type designer, typographer, publisher, teacher.

  • 1888: Book-keeper for credit and mortgage companies.
  • 1889: Moves to Chicago, works in real estate.
  • 1892: Launches "Modern Advertising" magazine which issues only a few numbers.
  • 1895: Opens a print workshop in Chicago and prints the "American Chap-Book".
  • 1897: Designs his first type, Camelot Old Style. Produces typographical designs for various publishing houses and companies.
  • 1903: Founds the Village Press. The first publication is an essay by William Morris.
  • 1904: His publications are awarded prizes at the world exhibition in St. Louis.
  • 1908: The Village Press is destroyed by fire.
  • 1909–24: The Press is reopened and run under Goudy’s management in Forest Hills.
  • 1914: Signs a contract with the American Type Founders Company governing the manufacture and use of his typefaces.
  • 1916: sells 8 new typefaces to the Caslon type foundry in London. Numerous companies commission Goudy™ to design exclusive typefaces for them.
  • 1920–40: Art consultant to the Lanston Monotype Co.
  • 1924: He and his publishing house move to Marlborough-on-Houston.
  • 1925: Opens his own type foundry.
  • 1939: The workshop for type design, type cutting, type foundry, typesetting, printing and bookbinding are destroyed by fire.
  • 1940: Teaching post for calligraphy at the University of Syracuse.
  • 1947: The Goudyana exhibition is opened in Goudy’s presence at the Library of Congress in Washington. Goudy designed a total of 116 fonts and published 59 literary works.

48 Families Found