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Georg Trump

Georg Trump – born 10. 7. 1896 in Brettheim, Germany, died 21. 12. 1985 in Munich, Germany – graphic artist, typographer, type designer, painter, teacher.

  • 1912–14: Studies at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Stuttgart under J. V. Cissarz and from 1919–23 under F. H. E. Schneidler.
  • 1921: Assistant at the school. 1923–26: ceramic artist in Italy.
  • 1926–29: Professor at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Bielefeld.
  • 1930–35: Works with the H. Berthold AG type foundry in Berlin and from 1937 onwards with the C. E. Weber type foundry in Stuttgart.
  • 1931–34: Director of the Höhere grafische Fachschule in Berlin.
  • 1934–53: Succeeds Paul Renner as director of the Meisterschule für Deutschlands Buchdrucker in Munich.
  • 1982: awarded a medal by the Type Directors Club of New York. His work has been exhibited in Gallery 303 in New York (1966), in the Stadtmuseum in Munich (1981) and in the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach (1983), among other venues. Trump initially worked in the style of "New Typography" but later adopted an individual, scriptural style.

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