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Gérard Mariscalchi

Canada-based designer Gérard Mariscalchi was born in France, where he lived until 1985. Proudly self-taught, Mariscalchi fell in love with type while in his twenties, studying the designs of masters like Excoffon, Usherwood and Frutiger, as well as the work of calligraphers and type designers such as Plantin, Cochin and Drer.

During his long career, Mariscalchi has conceived and created corporate images and logos, packaging, posters, technical and conceptual illustrations, and a dozen published typefaces. He has even designed series of postage stamps for African and Southern Pacific states. He characterizes his professional life as being one of “continuous learning, fueled by constant challenges.”

Mariscalchi is inspired by many sources, both modern and from the past. The calligraphic script that inspired Redonda was used in the French administration from around 1840 to 1960. Baylac and Evita reflect the style of the art nouveau and art deco periods. Iona is of Celtic origin; Marnie and Toots were created as a respectful homage to the great Lithuanian calligrapher Villu Toots. On the other hand, Lineale, Link and Comic Strip are decidedly modern typefaces.

No matter the source, Mariscalchi brings a touch of French elegance and distinction to all his work.

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