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Jill Bell

Jill Bell’s typefaces are exuberant, exotic, stylish – and downright delightful. She began her career as a lettering artist imitating rubber stamp prints and, according to her, forging her parent’s signatures. In high school she fell in love with the work of Gauguin, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Klee and began painting portraits and abstractions. At the same time, she also encountered her first Speedball pen and her “lettering lust” began.

There is no pigeonholing this designer’s work. ITC Clover is even, round and friendly – almost childlike; ITC Stranger is rough, condensed and nervous; Carumba sizzles and snaps with hot Latin American energy; while Swank is both chic and informal. If you have a sensation, taste, or emotion you want to suggest, there’s a Jill Bell design just for you.

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