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Oswald Bruce Cooper

Oswald Bruce Cooper – born 13. 4. 1879 in Mountgilead, Ohio, USA, died 17. 12. 1940 in Chicago, USA – type designer, calligrapher, teacher.

  • 1894: Trains as a printer.
  • 1899: Moves to Chicago. Attends the Frank Holme School of Illustration where F. W. Goudy teaches lettering.
  • 1902: teaches at the Holme School, intermittently also head of the school.
  • 1904: Opens the Bertsch Cooper advertising agency in Chicago with the illustrator Fred S. Bertsch.
  • 1912: Travels in England, France and Germany. 1913. draws the lettering which is used in advertisements for the Packard Motor Company and produced by the American Type Foundry (ATF).
  • 1921: Turns his agency into a studio for design, typesetting and photography.
  • 1924: Sells his studio and resumes work as a freelance graphic artist.
  • 1939: Works on the corporate identity for the "Chicago Daily News" newspaper.

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