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Steve Matteson

Early on, Matteson planned a career in printing management, but a college job editing font bitmaps quickly changed his mind. That’s when he discovered the world of typeface design and font technology, an irresistibly fascinating convergence of left – and right-brain processes. Sensitively designed letters and their digital representations soon became Matteson’s calling.

A practical-minded designer, Matteson believes that the best typefaces are created with a specific goal in mind. His Andalé typeface family is a perfect example. It was designed to meet the demands of low-resolution imaging, maintain high levels of legibility and provide a platform on which to build numerous multilingual character sets. The design is currently in the core set of many products and supports character sets for Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Greek, Cyrillic and several other languages. Matteson’s Truesdell family revives a rarely used hot-metal font for digital technology.

66 Families Found