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Veronika Burian

Veronika Burian is responsible for the emergence of some of today’s most well regarded editorial typeface designs.

A graduate of the prestigious master’s degree program in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, Burian designed for the London-based foundry Dalton Maag, where she was involved in crafting collections such as the Tondo, Tondo Corp, and Stroudley families.

Currently working in Prague, Burian formed the TypeTogether foundry in 2006 along with designer José Scaglione. Their typefaces are distinguished, both in style and the reception they have received in the creative community.

In addition to a keen technical proficiency in her work, Burian’s typefaces embody a distinct breadth of personalities as well — from the cheerful sans serif Bree family, to the modern Didone offering Abril, whose display, text, and fat face stylings present a well balanced typographic system.

Additional offerings from TypeTogether include the best selling slab serif Adelle family — whose 15 styles (from delicate light to a sturdy heavy weight) afford it a wide range of possibilities for text and display applications.

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