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Ways to Use SkyFonts with


1 Hour Trials

Use SkyFonts to try out fully-functioning desktop fonts for one hour. This provides a great way to find new typefaces and get a feel for designs before you commit. Trials are for evaluation purposes only.

Mockup Fonts

Mockup fonts are desktop versions of the Web fonts included in our Web font subscriptions. They’re licensed exclusively for creating website mockups and are are installed for 1 day (24 hours) at a time.

Subscription Desktop Fonts

Subscription desktop fonts can be used for general design purposes, similar to the usage allowed by a traditional desktop font license. Our Web Fonts Master and Monotype Library subscriptions provide unlimited installs of fonts from our inventory.

Purchased Fonts

When you purchase a traditional desktop font license on, you can either download and install the font yourself, or have SkyFonts do it for you. SkyFonts can also can sync these fonts on up to five of your devices.


The free, easy to use utility that lets you try and install fonts in a snap.

Install SkyFonts

Installing Desktop Fonts

Installing fonts has never been easier—the free SkyFonts utility syncs your fonts on up to five of your devices, letting you take your type anywhere you need it. SkyFonts even let’s you try fonts on before you buy.