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Top 100 Web Fonts for September 2016

The Futura® typeface family was designed almost 90 years ago as fonts of hand-set metal type. It was made available for phototypesetting equipment about 50 years ago, as digital fonts over 20 years ago, and was one of the first typefaces to be made available as web fonts. Consistently popular over its octogenarian lifespan, Futura […]

The Reinvention of a Classic Geometric Sans

The Neue Kabel® typeface family, from Marc Schütz, takes the calligraphic charm of Rudolf Koch’s 1927 design and restifies it for the 21st century. Kabel was first released as just one weight and grew to a family of 9 designs over several years. Unlike most contemporary typefaces, however, the various versions of the first Kabel family […]

Punching Up Web Typography with Capital Letters

When it comes to text messages and emails, we usually interpret all capital letters, known as all caps, as YELLING. But setting your headlines, leads, and short pull quotes in all caps can punch up your layouts, and get a hold of your readers. It adds another level of typographic hierarchy too. And there’s also […]

Top 100 Web Fonts for August 2016

“ITC Lubalin Graph® is a design that wears well. It doesn’t tire the eye or become dated. It is attractive, distinctive and ultimately utilitarian – a product of the combined genius of the late 20th century’s most creative and prolific type designers.” The preceding paragraph appeared over 30 years ago in ITC’s seminal publication U&lc […]

An Expanded Reach for the Quitador Family

Sometimes there are unexpected changes when type designers start modifying their work. Two years ago Arne Freytag released his slab serif Quitador™ family. It was received well by the graphic and interactive design communities and he felt that a sans serif counterpart would help to broaden the reach of the family – in addition to giving […]

Type Through the Eras is Back—Three Days of Type History & Savings

Today marks the beginning of’s three-day, 2016 Type Through the Eras event. Typefaces often reflect the musings of their designer, a sense of the era in which they are drawn, and the tools used to create them. There are scores of these instances, or eras, adding to the rich tapestry of typographic history. 2016’s Type […]

Long-Awaited Additions to a Popular Sans

It’s rare that a small three-weight typeface family finds much use. Single-weight display designs can have long and full lives, and many large text and display families have become classics, but three-weight designs – especially those lacking italics – seem to get lost in the shuffle. They’re usually not distinctive enough to be a successful […]

To Ligature or Not to Ligature

Ligatures come in handy for functional uses or merely embellishment. But under what circumstances do you want To Ligature? When is it best Not to Ligature? And what’s the difference between a standard ligature and a discretionary ligature? Some fonts and Web browsers enable standard ligatures by default, which can help address spacing issues. But […]

A Look Back at June’s Typographic Heroes

We’re excited to bring you a look back at the latest crop of our hero images. As you know, each month we commission four designers to create expressive typographic compositions with single type families available on We’ve asked our participating designers to share some insights into their design process, as well as some […]

Top 100 Web Fonts for May 2016

The Chaparral™ typeface is a hybrid, combining the sturdiness of geometric slab serif designs with sixteenth century Roman lettershapes and proportions. The result shares overtones with old style typefaces – but with less contrast in stroke weights. Calligraphic suggestions in several letters also add to the design’s personality. The Chaparral family is available in four […]

Writing is not a series of strokes, but space, divided into characteristic shapes by strokes.

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