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By Adobe

Released in 1992, the Myriad® typeface family has become a popular choice for both text and display composition. Since it was made available in a Pro character set in the OpenType® format, Myriad’s considerable reach was increased though the addition of Greek and Cyrillic glyphs, as well as old style figures. The Myriad family includes condensed, normal and extended widths in a full range of weights. Well-drawn letter proportions, clean, open shapes and extensive kerning pairs ensure that the design retains a comfortable level of readability across all of its variants.

Myriad is the result of a collaboration between type designers Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach. The design was introduced originally in the multiple master format, which enabled the design to be rendered dynamically from light to extra bold weights, and from condensed to extended widths. When Adobe stopped making multiple masters fonts, a new version of the family, which also included an extended character set, was developed in 2000 by Fred Brady and Christopher Slye.

Font Designer - Robert Slimbach

Because of its readability and accessibility, Myriad – and now Myriad Pro – has been adopted by a wide variety of small and large companies alike. Noteworthy companies using the Myriad typeface include Apple, Wells Fargo, Modern Telegraph, Nippon Airways and various North American universities (including the University of Nevada and the University of Ottawa). Additionally, recent additions to the Myriad fold include Walmart’s corporate rebranding in 2008.

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